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The best thing to happen to the septic

industry since vacuum pumps.

As a septic professional, are you sick and tired of using outdated and cumbersome equipment to clear blockages occurring in the septic lines? We have a new tool that harnesses the powerful suction capacity from the septic truck to clear blockages, big or small. There is nothing else like it on the market for the waste water industry.   

The Klear it Kone will clear the inlet pipe in SECONDS, without the use of a sewer snake or high pressure sewer jetter. It can also be used to pump-out leach fields from the outlet pipe or t-baffle. This tool has been field tested for many years by our parent company, E & E Septic Service. The Klear it Kone has been known to clear blockages 9 out of 10 times. Click on our video for a demo on how it all works. 

This innovative tool will pay for itself in as little as two uses. You and your service technicians will be happy with how easy and efficient the Klear it Kone is to use. At the same time your customers will be happy you have helped them avoid costly service or repairs. 

If you are not completely satisfied with the Klear it Kone, we are offering 100% money back guaranteed, less the cost the S&H. 

Klear it Kone Full Assembly

Full assembly cost

$395 plus S&H.

Click on the video to see how well the Klear it Kone works!

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